7 Frequently Asked Questions about QRIS GoPay in Indonesia

QRIS GoPay brings various significant advantages to the world of online transactions in Indonesia. ease of use, speed, and enhanced security. This payment method provides an effective and convenient solution for both buyers and sellers.

7 Frequently Asked Questions about QRIS GoPay in Indonesia

QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard) marks a significant advancement in Indonesia's digital payment landscape. Among the prominent players embracing QRIS is GoPay, a leading digital payment service provider in the country. Here are seven frequently asked questions about QRIS GoPay in Indonesia:

What is QRIS GoPay?

QRIS GoPay is the most recent innovation in the world of digital payments. It provides several benefits for online transactions, including speed, ease of use, security, and simple integrations with a range of e-commerce platforms.

With HitPay payment gateway, you have the flexibility to accept payments using QRIS GoPay as well as other widely used payment methods, including virtual accounts, BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later), direct debit, retail outlets, e-wallets, and credit and debit cards.

7 frequently asked questions about QRIS GoPay


Here are seven common questions about GoPay QRIS that are frequently asked in Indonesia.

  1. What is GoPay Merchant?
    GoPay Merchant is a service offered by GoPay, designed to simplify the payment process for merchants. It enables merchants and shop owners to generate a QRIS code, streamlining the payment experience for customers who can simply scan the code to complete their transactions swiftly.
  2. How do customers pay with GoPay via QRIS?
    It's easy for customers to pay with GoPay via QRIS:
    1. The customer opens their Gojek application and selects the Scan option.
    2. Customer points their camera at the QRIS code that you create on your HitPay app.
    3. Customer confirms payment amount and completes payment
  3. Is an Indonesian Identity Card (KTP) required for QRIS GoPay?
    To obtain a personalized QRIS for your business, the initial step is to complete the registration process through the official QRIS application or website. This registration process necessitates the submission of several crucial documents, including your KTP (Indonesian Identity Card), KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card) or Passport, a valid business permit, and your NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number). Once these documents have been successfully verified, Bank Indonesia will issue a special QRIS for your business.
  4. What can GoPay QRIS be used for?
    QRIS GoPay serves a wide range of payment purposes, including purchasing electricity tokens, acquiring game vouchers, settling bills, ecommerce, and more. All of these transactions can be conveniently carried out through the GoPay application.
  5. Where does the money paid by consumers via QRIS GoPay go?
    When you activate QRIS, payments made by customers through the QR code will be transferred to the seller's GoPay balance. There are two methods to activate QRIS: Through a physical QRIS or via the QRIS feature within the GoBiz application. Prior to initiating the activation process, it is crucial to register your account on the GoBiz application.
  6. How to Receive QRIS Payments via the GoPay Merchant App?
    If you are not yet registered as a GoPay Merchant, please register yourself at this website. You can use this simple method to receive QRIS payments:
    1. Open the 'QR Code' menu.
    1. Enter the transaction amount that the customer needs to pay.
    2. Click 'Generate QR Code.' A Dynamic QRIS code will appear with the payment amount you entered earlier.
    3. Instruct the customer to scan the Dynamic QRIS code. If the Dynamic QRIS code is not scanned within 10 minutes, the QR code will no longer be valid.
    4. Ask the customer to provide proof of a successful payment.
  7. What are the Benefits of Using QRIS for Merchants?
    Naturally, QRIS makes customers transactions much more convenient. With just one QR code, you can conduct a multitude of transactions, effectively reducing the costs associated with cash handling, minimizing the risk of counterfeit currency, and eliminating the need to fret about change. Plus, every payment is automatically recorded, allowing you to review your transaction history at your convenience.

To begin receiving payment from QRIS, the initial step involves registering with a payment gateway service provider in Indonesia, like HitPay. A huge benefit provided by HitPay is access to a wide range of exclusive QR codes, including OVO, Gopay, Link Aja!, Dana, ShopeePay, and WeChat Pay. This access facilitates seamless payment transactions, whether within the country or internationally.

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