A Guide to POS Systems in Indonesia: Comparing 7 Popular POS Software

Compare the 7 most popular small business POS software in Indonesia.

A Guide to POS Systems in Indonesia: Comparing 7 Popular POS Software

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that a good point-of-sale (POS) system can help your business operate more efficiently.

If you’re not yet familiar with the concept, a POS system is an all-in-one software that helps you manage customer payments and orders, whether they’re shopping in-person or online. Most POS systems also offer additional functionalities such as inventory and employee shift management.

Getting a POS software installed for your business can be a major upgrade if you’re used to a more manual system since it allows you to track your sales transactions in real-time.

Additionally, by using POS software, your business automatically will be able to accept payments using QR codes and other cashless payment systems. However, that’s not all it can do. The details of what each system has to offer will differ, though. And with so many available choices in the Indonesian market right now, how do you choose the most suitable POS system for your business needs?

Let us help you with that. In this article, we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular small business POS software in Indonesia and highlighted their pros and cons.

1) Moka POS

Available since 2014, Moka is one of the most popular POS systems in Indonesia, used widely by businesses of all sizes and industries. Moka offers a basic service tier at IDR 299,000 per month, with extra fees levied for additional functionalities.

✅ Integrated with local e-commerce and food delivery platforms, as well as other Indonesian business software (additional fees may apply)
✅ No set-up fees + free trial for 14 days
✅ Lower transaction fees when customers use BCA-issued cards

❌ Expensive; their basic POS system price does not include functionalities included with other POS, such as employee management systems and online food order management
❌ Monthly subscription fee applies only for one retail outlet
❌ Available on mobile platforms only

2) Majoo POS

Although Majoo has only been around since 2019, their POS system is currently used by over 30,000 SMEs in Indonesia. Majoo offers the following service tiers: Starter (IDR 149,000), Advance (IDR 299,000), and Prime (IDR 599,000).

✅ Lowest tier provides comprehensive features, including integration with existing EDC terminals and e-commerce platforms
✅ No set-up fees + free trial for 30 days
✅ Cheaper pricing available for hardware bundles

❌ Businesses with more than four retail outlets would have to pay for a higher-service tier (Advance) at IDR 249.000 per outlet/month
❌ Application runs only on mobile platforms and is not available on iOS
❌ Limited integration with other software or application

3) Kasir Pintar POS

Since 2014, Kasir Pintar has been providing one of the most affordable POS software options in Indonesia, used by more than a million business owners. Aside from its free version, Kasir Pintar also offers a paid version of their service, called Kasir Pintar PRO, with fees starting from IDR 55,000 per month.

✅ No set-up fees + lifetime limited free version available
✅ POS software can be used on desktop computers and mobile
✅ No outlet-based pricing

❌ Limited integration with other applications as well as other platforms
❌ Pricing for Pro version is determined by cloud storage usage, with initial capacity limited to only 10 MB of data

4) Olsera POS

Established in 2015, Olsera is one of the most popular POS systems in Indonesia for retail use, especially by those in the FMCG and food service industries. Olsera offers three monthly subscription tiers: Basic (IDR 128,000), Premium (IDR 218,000), and Pro (IDR 298,000).

✅ No set-up fees + free 14-days trial
✅ POS system is available both on mobile (Android and iOS) and desktop
✅ Price for higher service tier includes a white-label business website
✅ Can be integrated with other local business software, such as Jurnal
✅ No outlet-based pricing

❌ Number of devices and users is limited for basic package subscribers
❌ Only Pro-tier includes integration with local e-commerce

5) Pawoon POS

Operating since 2013, Pawoon is one of the few POS software in Indonesia that gives users the flexibility to scale up according to their business needs and provides premium features even for their free version. Alongside its free tier, Pawoon offers the following paid versions: Pawoon Basic (IDR 149,000) and Pawoon Pro (IDR 299,000).

✅ Lifetime free version available (max. 7 transactions per day)
✅ Can be integrated with other local business applications, such as Jurnal and Accurate Online
✅ Unlike the others on this list, Pawoon POS’ free version can accept online orders from e-commerce as well as food delivery platforms

❌ Monthly subscription fees for one account applies to one outlet only
❌ Available only on mobile devices

6) Qasir

Qasir is a POS system that has been around since 2015 and is optimized for in-person retail and food service transactions. You can choose to use the free version first and later upgrade your account to access their premium features, although you need to pay a yearly subscription fee upfront for either Qasir Pro (IDR 399,600/year) or Qasir Pro Plus (IDR 694,500/year).

✅ Free version available with limited features
✅ No outlet-based pricing
✅ Already integrated with local payment systems and food delivery platforms (only GrabFood)

❌ Higher tier service requires a one-year commitment upfront
❌ No offline version

7) Loyverse POS

Loyverse is one of the few international POS systems operating in Indonesia. Available since 2014, Loyverse offers one of the best free POS platforms available in the market, with additional features, such as employee management, available with extra fees starting from USD 5 to USD 25.

✅ Free version available (max. 500 transactions per month)
✅ Integration with e-commerce and food delivery platforms (additional fees apply)
✅ Accepts local and international payment methods

❌ Limited support for integration with local business software and platforms
❌ Expensive; prices are paid in USD, and additional features are charged per outlet or per user
❌ Available only on mobile devices

Introducing HitPay — a flexible POS system that grows with your business

Get a premium-quality POS system without paying upfront set-up or monthly subscription fees with HitPay. Used by thousands of SMEs across Southeast Asia, HitPay provides a unique pay-per-transaction approach, giving you more room to control your overhead costs.

✅ Accepts local and international payment methods, from e-wallets to credit-based payments
✅ No monthly subscription fees
✅ No outlet-based pricing
✅ Integrated with local and international e-commerce and food delivery platforms, as well as a wide range of business software.
✅ POS software is free-to-use, without transaction limits

❌ Currently does not yet support payment in Indonesia using credit card terminals
❌ Currently mobile-only (accept POS payments on mobile)

Now available in Indonesia, HitPay is a one-stop payment platform for your business needs. Our system has been adopted by SMEs across Southeast Asia, who found our no-code, pay-per-transaction approach to be ideal for their business.

To learn more, schedule a free demo with us, or sign up for free to get a look at how HitPay can transform your business.

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