6 Best POS systems for small businesses and SMEs in Malaysia – HitPay POS vs. Qashier, BigPOS and StoreHub

6 Best POS systems for small businesses and SMEs in Malaysia – HitPay POS vs. Qashier, BigPOS and StoreHub

Are you comparing popular POS system options like Qashier, StoreHub, and Genius POS for your small business in Malaysia? We’ve got you covered with this guide. 

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What is a POS system, and how does it benefit my small business? 

A POS system is where your customers pay for purchases at your store. They also record transactions and provide your customers with receipts. 

Today’s POS systems don’t stop there. They also help to: 

  • Reduce human error: Automatically calculates pricing of the items sold and any related taxes for accurate bookkeeping. 
  • Automate inventory management: Keeps inventory levels synced across your physical store and e-commerce store
  • Serve customers faster: POS systems help F&B outlets offer contactless ordering and payments, which enables you to serve customers faster while reducing the chances of wrong orders 
  • Make informed business decisions: Records sales trends and data to help you analyse your sales performance 
  • Provide a seamless payment experience: Seven of 10 Malaysian consumers used contactless payments in 2022, so make sure your POS system makes it easy for customers to pay. For example, HitPay’s POS accepts popular payment methods like DuitNow, FPX and GrabPay in Malaysia. Check customers without a credit card terminal with HitPay’s Tap to Pay 

So when evaluating POS software options, we recommend asking these three questions: 

  1. What business processes make me think: “I want to spend less time doing this”? 
  2. Does this POS software integrate well with the rest of my business? 
  3. How much am I willing to invest in POS software? 

Best POS software in Malaysia in 2024 – an overview 

HitPay POS: Best free cloud-based POS without hidden fees, which busy small business owners can start using in days

Big POS: Mobile POS system designed for cafes and restaurants 

AutoCount OneSales POS: POS System fully integrated with AutoCount accounting and payroll software 

Genius POS: iPad POS system for F&B restaurants 

StoreHub: All-in-one POS system for restaurants and retail stores 

 Qashier:  Integrated POS with payment acceptance and an online store for Android users 

Best POS systems in Malaysia in 2023 – Pros and cons compared 

1. HitPay POS 

HitPay’s cloud-based POS system is free to start without contracts or set-up fees. Accept card payments with your mobile phone or connect a supported card reader to start accepting payments within the week. 


  • All you need to run your business effectively including real-time inventory management, unlimited products, and reporting tools for free 
  • Comprehensive support of local payment methods in Southeast Asian markets like Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, with 100+ payment methods supported globally
  • Inventory tracking & easy sync with e-commerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce 
  • Syncs with Xero and Quickbooks for easy accounting
  • Includes free online store. In HitPay's POS, you can upload products to sell online via HitPay's Online Store


  • Specialised F&B and restaurant features like table-side ordering and table management are coming soon

Pricing: Free to use, pay per transaction only.

2. Big POS

Big POS offers specialised POS systems for food and beverage or retail outlets, including QR code menus, inventory, and multiple outlet management. 


  • 30-day trial available 


  •  E-commerce solutions are only available on the Pro plan, costing RM 188/month 

Pricing: Starts from RM 99/month 

3. AutoCount OneSales POS

AutoCount’s POS integrates with their accounting and payroll software, making tracking sales and creating reports easier if you’re already using their software. 


  • Integrates with AutoCount’s accounting software 
  • Keeps a detailed log of your actions for accountability 
  • Free trial for 200 transactions available 


  • Total subscription costs depend on the number of counters needed
  • It might not be the best choice if you’re not already using other AutoCount software products 

Pricing: From RM 130/month per counter

4. Genius POS

Designed specifically for Apple iPads, Genius POS offers specialised features for restaurants, like time-based menus and table management to customise dining layouts to their liking. 


  • Offers integrations with food delivery services like Lalamove and Mr Speedy 
  • Includes staff and inventory management features 
  • Customised features for restaurants, like a time-based menu, table management and online QR code ordering to save time 


  • iPad only 

5. StoreHub

StoreHub's all-in-one POS system includes an online store and a CRM system for keeping inventory up to date regardless of whether you are selling online or offline. 


  • Integrates with QuickBooks Online, AutoCount Accounting and SQL for easy accounting 
  • Includes customer CRM, inventory management and a simple online store 
  • Integrates with DuitNow and credit card payments 


  •  E-commerce and online ordering features are paid add-ons 

Pricing: From RM 108/month 

6. Qashier 

While Qashier offers a forever-free plan, you must pay extra to access specialised features like table management and pricing tiers. 


  • Offers the Qashier Support Package (QSP) with cost savings on POS hardware and free software renewals until October 31 2023 
  • Has the QashierEats Online Ordering and integrations with food delivery platforms like GrabFood and FoodPanda 


  • Features like e-commerce integrations, invoicing and additional POS devices are locked behind paid monthly add-ons. 
  • No iOS app 

Pricing: Essential plan starts at RM 158/month. Optional add-ons available 

How do you choose the right POS system? Ask yourself: 

What business processes do you need help with? 

As a small business owner, you’re in charge of everything from hiring staff, managing cash flow, maintaining inventory and setting the direction of the business. 

So it's no wonder small business owners are burned out and stressed out. Why not get a POS system to automate a process and regain valuable time? 

Here’s where a POS system can help you: 

Which payment methods should you offer? 

Multiple payment methods encourage purchases by reducing payment friction among Millennials and Gen Z shoppers. Most POS systems accept credit/debit card payments but make sure your system supports specific payment methods popular with your target audience. 

Other popular payment methods besides credit/debit cards include: 

  • Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) solutions like Atome 
  • Local payment methods in Malaysia like DuitNow and FPX payments 
  • E-wallets like Apple Pay, ShopeePay, Google Pay or GrabPay 

Read more: Popular payment methods in Malaysia 

How much can you spend? 

Here's how POS pricing works: 

  • Ongoing subscription costs and other fees based on the number of users, locations or optional add-on features 
  • Payment processing fees. Credit cards like Visa and Mastercard tend to have higher transaction fees than local payment methods like DuitNow or FPX 
  • Hardware costs. Small retailers selling at a popup store may be able to use their phone as a mobile POS machine and a simple credit card machine to accept payments, while larger businesses might need a barcode scanner for payment terminals and card readers 
  • Any hidden fees. For example, any hardware rental costs, maintenance fees or licensing costs. 

We get it. Reducing costs is a crucial priority for many small businesses in Malaysia in 2023, thanks to inflation and rising operating costs. That’s why HitPay’s POS offers no monthly fees, lock-in contracts, and setup fees for you to automate tedious tasks and focus on growing your business. 

Try the best free POS system for small businesses and Malaysia SMEs

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