How to Use HitPay's Free Link-in-Bio Page to Grow Your Business

Learn how to display multiple links on your Instagram profile page with HitPay's free Link-in-Bio.

How to Use HitPay's Free Link-in-Bio Page to Grow Your Business

The social media link-in-bio is a precious space to drive traffic from social media to your online store and external websites. This is especially helpful if you have multiple sites or links that you want to display.

How to post multiple links in your bio on Instagram, Facebook, and more

With HitPay’s free Link-in-Bio feature, you can set up your own link-in-bio landing page — without any coding or subscription costs.

Plus, the HitPay Link-In-Bio is mobile-optimised and desktop-optimised, to work well for users on all different devices.

Read on to determine how to make the most of this feature, with helpful examples from other small businesses!

A Link-in-Bio page is like a mini website for your business. It’s a clickable URL you put in your Instagram or TikTok profile directing you to a single page with things you want to showcase, like a product collection, your latest blog posts, or an upcoming promotion at your store.

1) Spotlight current projects and resources

Zero-waste retailer The Sustainability Project in Singapore is big on sustainability education, and it uses its link-in-bio page to spotlight the causes they’re currently supporting and how people can engage them as a knowledge partner to speak about sustainability efforts.

Image credit: @thesustainabilityproject via Instagram

2) Tell people about your company

Social business Books Beyond Borders use its link in bio page on Instagram to spotlight its physical location and invite people to learn more about what they do as a small business in Singapore.

Image Credit: @booksbeyond.borders on Instagram

3) Promote a sale and a bestselling product range

Digital creator Good Mondays Paper sells digital products, and they use their link in bio page to highlight a sale and their best-selling products.

Image Credit: @goodmondayspaper on Instagram

Create your own link in bio page with HitPay! Here are some ideas on how to use the page to promote your business.

SME owners spend at least an hour on admin tasks each week, and a link-in-bio page can help you save time.

Let’s say you’ve just launched a new summer sales campaign on WhatsApp, TikTok and Instagram. Instead of manually replacing links on each platform, you can use HitPay’s link in bio as a single page for all your content and focus on updating one page.

Promote your latest products or content

Are you participating in a pop-up market? Launched a limited-time sale or a course? A link in bio page keeps your content accessible and organised for your audience across different channels.

Education provider IELTS Boot Camp links to its paid offers through HitPay's link in bio page. They've also kept it to four links to avoid overwhelming their audience.

Image Credit: IELTS Boot Camp

Include answers to frequently asked questions on social media

People on social media expect prompt customer service. Direct people to the right information on your link-in-bio page to provide a better experience while reducing customer support time.

For example, education provider bimbelmc includes a link to their help center on their HitPay link-in-bio page with answers to common questions about their products and services.

Image Credit: bimbelmc

Other ideas to consider:

  • Link to your customer support or broadcast channel like your Telegram channel or WhatsApp for Business account
  • Directions to your physical location
  • Available local and international payment methods
  • Order tracking questions
  • How to find the right product size for you, especially if you sell clothing or footwear

Easily display all your website and social media links on your online store. Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your free link in bio page on HitPay in minutes.

Got questions? Contact our support team here.

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