Accept in-person payments with HitPay Scan to Pay

Accept easy in-person payments with Scan to Pay — now available in the Philippines.

Accept in-person payments with HitPay Scan to Pay

With Scan to Pay, you can accept in-person payments directly through the free HitPay app! It's simpler than a credit card terminal and can be set up instantly.

Why use Scan to Pay?

🤳🏻 Completely contactless — With Scan to Pay, you can easily accept all digital payments in the Philippines. Your customer simply scans the QR code on your HitPay app, and makes payment on their own phone.

⚡️Extremely efficient — Scan and pay in just seconds. All you need is the HitPay iOS or Android app on your phone.

💰 Full range of HitPay payment methods — Scan to Pay supports all popular payment methods in the Philippines:

  • Unionbank Online
  • Instapay
  • QR Ph
  • PESONet
  • GCash
  • Over the counter payments
  • Domestic and International Cards
  • Billease
  • GrabPay

📧 Easy remarketing — The Scan to Pay feature helps collect customer emails for your future marketing needs.

Syncs with orders anywhere you sell — Scan to Pay automatically syncs with your HitPay-enabled payments on any sales channel. Learn more about our useful POS software features here.

⚡️Free to install — The HitPay app is free to install and use on your phone. Only pay per transaction.

How to use HitPay Scan to Pay

You can use Scan to Pay in just 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Open the HitPay app on your phone.
Enter the amount to charge and press the blue Charge button

Step 2: Select Scan to Pay payment method from the dropdown menu

Step 3: Ask your customer to scan the generated QR using their phone camera or QR code scanner.

After scanning the QR code, the customer can select their preferred payment method and complete the payment. This is done securely on your customer's phone.

When payment is complete, you'll see the 'Transaction Successful' confirmation screen on your HitPay app.
And you're done!

Try Scan to Pay now on HitPay iOS or Android 📲

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