How to accept PayID customer payments with HitPay Australia

Collect PayID payments on your online store, POS system, and anywhere you sell!

How to accept PayID customer payments with HitPay Australia

HitPay — the all-in-one payments platform for SMEs — has partnered with Azupay to offer PayID payments for Australian businesses.

Merchants on HitPay Australia can now offer and accept PayID customers payments on their e-commerce store, online pages, and physical shop.

PayID can be activated on HitPay's online and offline sales channels — Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and all e-commerce plugins, payment links, POS system, and more.

What is PayID?

PayID is a faster and more secure way for customers to transfer money.

With PayID, customers can transfer money using their mobile phone number or email address, instead of traditional bank account details.

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Why use PayID on HitPay?:

PayID is a great addition to your suite of local and international credit card payment options on HitPay. Here's why PayID is a must for your business in Australia:

  • PayID is safer than most digital payment methods
    To create a PayID account, the user must link a mobile number, ABN, Organisation Identifier, or email address. This lets customers see who they're paying before they send payment, preventing PayID scam transfers or payment mistakes. According to PayID safety reports, 1/4 of PayID payments have been edited or stopped after the customer saw the recipient details.
  • PayID payouts are instant
    While credit card payouts usually take at least T+2 days, PayID payments are instantly credited to your bank account.
  • PayID is free
    More consumers in Australia can use PayID to make purchases, compared to other digital payment methods like credit cards.
  • Easy, no-code setup
    HitPay's integrations help you set up PayID anywhere you sell, without any coding required.

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PayID on HitPay — Important merchant details

Fees: A$1 per transaction
Settlement: Credited instantly to your bank account
Min Transaction Amount: A$2
Maximum Transaction Amount: -

How to set up PayID with HitPay

PayID can be set up on your HitPay-enabled online store and POS system.

1) Sign up for a HitPay account — it's free

2) Go to Settings > Payment Methods

3) Under the PayID section, submit your details

4) Your PayID account will be reviewed and set up through HitPay within 1 week

Activate PayID on HitPay now!

Watch here for a step-by-step guide!

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