HitPay and ShopBack partner to offer ShopBack PayLater to Malaysian SMEs and businesses

Malaysia merchants can now accept ShopBack PayLater on HitPay.

HitPay and ShopBack partner to offer ShopBack PayLater to Malaysian SMEs and businesses

Great news for merchants in Malaysia β€” you can now accept ShopBack PayLater on HitPay, the all-in-one payment platform for SMEs.

HitPay is delighted to partner with ShopBack to offer ShopBack PayLater in Malaysia. HitPay businesses in Malaysia can now accept ShopBack PayLater on all HitPay-enabled sales channels β€” including e-commerce plugins, payment links, and POS system.

With ShopBack PayLater, customers have the flexibility to pay in monthly installments. Furthermore, customers can earn cashback on top of rewards from their ShopBack-linked credit cards and payment methods. Because of these benefits, ShopBack PayLater has become an increasingly popular BNPL payment method in Malaysia.

How does ShopBack PayLater work for businesses?:

With ShopBack PayLater, merchants receive the full payment upfront. Customers pay in 3 monthly installments, with 0% interest and no hidden fees.

Should you accept ShopBack PayLater for your business in Malaysia?:

ShopBack PayLater is a great addition to the all-in-one payment methods on HitPay, including FPX, credit cards, and digital wallets like GrabPay and Atome.

Here's how ShopBack PayLater can help your business in Malaysia:

πŸ“ˆ More sales: Increase conversions by giving your customers the flexibility of deferred payments. Customers can also reduce the amount they pay by using the available cashback in their ShopBack account. This makes purchases more affordable and encourages bigger baskets.

πŸ”’ Risk-free for businesses: As a merchant, you will always get paid upfront and in full. ShopBack assumes the credit and fraud risk for all ShopBack PayLater transactions.

πŸ› Connect with more customers: HitPay merchants can access over 38 million ShopBack users across APAC, starting in Malaysia.

⏱ Set up in minutes: It takes just a few clicks to set up ShopBack on HitPay.

ShopBack PayLater on HitPay β€” How it works

ShopBack PayLater is available for HitPay users in Malaysia with a Shopback Malaysia account.

The merchant gets the full amount upfront, while customers pay in 3 installments over 3 months.

Payment schedule for customers:

  • 1st installment: Upfront payment
  • 2nd installment: 30 days from checkout (purchase date + 30 days)
  • 3rd installment: 60 days from checkout (purchase date + 60 days)

Fees: 5.7% per transaction

Payout: Next working day (T+1)

Min. Transaction Amount: RM2

Max. Transaction Amount: New users of ShopBack PayLater will have a limit of RM1,600 at first. This will be increased over time in accordance with users’ purchasing and repayment history.

Ready to activate ShopBack PayLater on HitPay? Β 
See this quick step-by-step guide.

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