Introducing HitPay.JS — Drop-In Checkout UI

Introducing HitPay.JS — Drop-In Checkout UI

With the new Drop-In checkout UI, you will now be able to provide a seamless checkout experience. Unlike the redirect checkout page, the drop-in is embedded into your webpage so your customer will never have to leave your site.

Watch it in action

Drop-in UI also allows you to collect payments from any customer for any amount. This opens the door for many use-cases like “Tip Jar”, “Donation Button” and any Adhoc payments on your website.


The integration steps and the process will be similar to the re-direct checkout page

Once a payment request is generated by your backend, you can use the payment_request_id and hitpay.js to present the drop in UI

// Include hitpay.js in your website
<script src="<>"></script>
// Initialise 
window.HitPay.init('DEFAULT_URL', {
  // Optional 
  // closeOnError: true 
  // Optional callbacks
    onClose: onClose,
    onSuccess: onSuccess,
    onError: onError
// Show Drop In UI
    paymentRequest: '93d015df-b0b6-4cbd-8a4b-938eb79e33b2'

Sample code